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Ragheb Alama - راغب علامة

Posted Image

Album Info :
Release : 2011
Number Of Tracks : 11 Tracks
Time Of All Tracks : 00:48:54 Min
Album Produced By : Backstage Production
Album Ripped and Scanned By : DEDOO_2010
Audio Extract As : Mp3 320Kbps [VBR or CBR] or Flac
File Contained : 11 File As Mp3 [VBR or CBR] or Flac , NFO File , and Covers 9 Files As Jpg
Size : 113 Mb Mp3 CBR Version , 80.5 Mb Mp3 VBR Version or 339 Mb Flac Version

Tracklist :

01. Sineen Rayha [0:04:58.72]
02. Baw'idik [0:05:12.36]
03. Ill Bai'd [0:03:39.72]
04. Bifill [0:03:38.73]
05. Edito Ranna [0:04:18.64]
06. Aleik [0:05:31.00]
07. Khadt Bali [0:04:06.18]
08. Yila'b Ala Min [0:03:56.57]
09. Arrab Lahadda [0:04:30.69]
10. Amelt Al Moustahil [0:03:53.64]
11. Ma Bae'tsh Ahlam [0:05:04.36]

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Ya Basha

Great Work Ya King El Cdhat

Bas Feen Album Melody Hits Vol.7

MixGaTe said...

lessa ma nezzelsh masr :D lama yennzel haykoon mawgood isa :) welcome

Anonymous said...

thanks mix bas howe sharyt dolly shahyn nazl wala ah ?

Anonymous said...

The FLAC is not lossless, it's transcoded from 320kbps mp3, so it's not better then that,
"quality once lost can't be retained"
320kbps mp3->FLAC=320kbps, NOT LOSSLESS

MixGaTe said...

no it's extract from original cd so if there any problem from producing company not from rip so this version not encoded from 320

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